UNOH Yoga Studio

UNOH Yoga Studio The UNOH Yoga Studio is located in the 500 Building on The University of Northwestern Ohio campus. Yoga and Pilates classes are open to the general public as well as university faculty, staff, alumni and students. The UNOH Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes for all levels of yoga students.

The private, tranquil atmosphere of the yoga studio offers all yoga students the opportunity to experience the true essence of yoga. All props needed for class are available for you to use or feel free to bring your own. You can also further enhance your learning experience in our yoga shop with items such as DVDs, Books, CDs, and many other yoga accessories.

Stop in and discover for yourself how yoga, a 6,000 year old practice of creating a healthy Body & Mind, can help improve the quality of your life. When the body is healthy, the mind becomes clearer and the body-mind connection happens which brings out the aspects of creativity, higher intuition personal development.

Yoga benefits old and young alike, the physically fit and the less fit. It is a non-competitive form of body-mind integration exercises.

On a physical level, the body and muscles get toned and an improvement of strength, range of motion and balance are attained. The stretches and twists in yoga lengthen the muscles, massage the internal organs and remove blocks of tension in the body. Tension builds in the body because of toxins in our system. The toxins come from mental and emotional stress, lack of fresh air and exercise, improper foods, and environmental pollutants. Among many symptoms, this causes sore joints, backaches, headaches, and a lack of energy. When we are freed up from these tensions and toxins through a practice of yoga, we feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.

We can help you with your special needs and help you explore the various aspects of yoga beyond just the physical postures. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your yoga journey.

Deep Peace to you….

UNOH Yoga Studio Instructors: Cheryl Steinwedel, Amy Wildermuth, Sheila Smith, Allison Dye, and Anna Welsh.